Frequently Asked Questions

1What is stepin-digitalworld.net?
Answer: Stepin-digitalworld.net is part of Digital WORLD network, where you get profit on your investment.
2How our System different from others
Answer: Our system is unique returning your capital in Earning Balance hourly and you are getting profit hourly also.
3Is Stepin is HYIP
Answer: NO, We have very reason profit plans, with extra control rules on earning, withdraw and Profit.
4Do we Need multiple Accounts to earn more
Answer: You can earn unlimited from your one account, so no need multiple accounts.
5What is minimum deposit and maximum deposit?
Answer: Minimum deposit is 10$
6What is minimum and maximum withdraw in Stepin?
Answer: Minimum withdraw is 5$ and Maximum withdraw is 100$ per day.
7What is Return Profit and is it fix?
Answer: ROI will be upto 150% with subject to revenue generated from our external business and this is not fixed.
8What are Withdraw Days in a Week.
Answer: Withdraw will be open for all Business Days and Off during week end (Saturday and Sunday)
9How many times withdraw can be taken per day?
Answer: You will be able to withdraw one time a day
10Can we withdraw all our earning and Profit balance?
Answer: Yes Earning and Profit both are withdraw able. from profit you can take min withdraw 5$ where 30% of earning balance will be withdraw able, this mean when your earning balance will be 17$ then you will be able to withdraw 5$. like this you can withdraw all your earning.
11How many Plans are there in Stepin?
Answer: There are Five Regular Positions Plans (Silver Plan 5$, Gold Plan 10$, Diamond Plan 20$, Blue Diamond Plan 30$ & Black Diamond Plan 50$), also Special Plans with ROI upto 167%, check in details.
12How many positions we can buy at a time and what is limit?
Answer: You can buy unlimited positions in limitation of each Plan.
13What are payment processor in Stepintoearn?
Answer: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Bank Wire, JazCash, EasyPaisa
14 What is withdraw time?
Answer: All withdrawals will be process within 24 to 48 hrs time frame.
15What is Profit Balance in Stepin?
Answer: We have unique of earning distribution, you will earn hourly profit your investment and this is withdraw able.
16What is Referral Commission?
Answer: 5% will commission will paid on direct referrals on their Funds Deposits.
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