Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


We want to clear Profit/ Loss and Earning terms and condition; IIES is based on multiple business network & Islamic Principal, we are investing in real external business so all you profit and return of investment is from our external source of income, any business can not give you a fixed amount of return, always there are up and downs. here we explain you how we return you money;

Earning Criteria
When we receive a deposit less than 100$, it is remain in ROI (Return of Investment) and we add profit to it as this small amount will not get higher profit like, so we pay fast return to "Silver Positions",
Whereas when we receive a big deposit like 500$ or 1000$, 30% of this amount goes to ROI and 70% is deposited in our business so this return is slow and earning is distributed with calculation of last week return. This is the reason that earning can't be fixed, return on GOLD and higher position is not fixed its vary time to time.

Profit / Loss Terms
This is purely Islamic business and we will not pay you the interest. you will get back you investment purely returned from our business which is "profit" not "interest". so the profit is not fixed. if we are in profit you will get profit, if we are in loss you will not get profit.
Note: Please don't join our system if you are not agree with above terms.

Business Registration:
Business Registration is under process, Registration License & number will be updated as soon as registration is finalized.

Expiry of Positions:
As per our above explanation position expiry time is not fixed.

Refund Policy:
There is refund policy in IIES as following
  • All new members can claim refund after 15 days of their deposit.
  • 100% amount will be refunded after deduction of commission paid on your deposit and transaction charges.
  • Refund will be issued on weekly or biweekly basis, till you get 100%
  • Your Refund details will be sent through your registered e-mail
  • Once you claim refund your account will be "0", but you can add funds any time and start work again with us.
  • Refunded amount will not be added again in your account
  • Your withdrawn amount will be part of refund (i.e if you deposit 100$, paid commission 5%, your withdraw is 10$, Refund amount will be : 100 - (5+10) = 85$)

  • IIES a Legit Business:
    IIES is a legit business with real external sources of income.

    Signup Instruction:
    1. While registration all information shall be real
    2. Double check your e-mail spells
    3. You will not able to write your password, as your password will be sent to your registered e-mail
    4. For Bank withdraw we may ask you ID verification, so all details must be real
    5. Easypaisa, Jazz Cash accounts must be under your name
    6. Don’t singup multiple accounts for commission, this is violation of our rules.
    7. Fake or duplicate accounts will be suspended permanently
    1. Be sure you are going to register with real business and real peoples
      Add Funds Instruction:
    1. You can Add funds with Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer Or Local Processor
    2. Anyone can add Min. 10$
    3. Through Local Processor Add fund Rate is 1$=110 Rupees
    4. Add funds through Local Process, please contact Admin
    Account Suspension:
    1. To make multiple accounts with fake personal information is totally against our system, all such accounts will be suspended without any notice.
    2. If we found any member abusing , cheating and spamming against our system on social media his account will be suspended permanently.
      Terms of Payment:
    1. All Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer payment will be processed within 24 to 48 Hours time frame depends on number of payout requested the same day.
    2. Bank Wire withdrawals will be processed within 24 to 72 Hours depends upon transaction and user bank response.
    3. Easypaisa & Mobicash payment will be processed 24 to 48 Hours depends on number of requested payments on the same day.
    4. All members are fully responsible to provide us correct account details of his processor ID, no claims will be accepted after processing the payment in wrong account
    Privacy Policy:
    All member personal information and password are secured and will not be disclosed to any one or any where. All members must Accept the Term and Conditions, Please Save Cookies in your Browser to Protect your Account in www.stepin-digitalworld.net
    IIES has a dedicated SSL Security to protect your Accounts and Data from Spammers and Hackers. All personal Data will not be share to any third party, www.stepin-digitalworld.net will keep all information safe and protected.
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